About Us


As a famous Rail transit equipment manufacturer and agent supplier company, Zhuhai KIWAY Enterprise Ltd. specializes in the business of wheel and rail track.


The main products include Underfloor Wheel Lathe, Rail Welding Machine, Rail Grinding Train, Phase-Array Ultrasonic Testing Car and Rail Infrastructure Inspection System. So far, we have gained lots of intellectual property rights for our equipment. And experts come from different countries formed an engineer and technical team for the equipment’s maintenance and debugging. KIWAY has a transcendent position in rail transit industry with comprehensive solution, high quality products and excellent after-sales service.


Kiway was founded in Zhuhai in 2008. Today, we have service centers in Zhuhai, Shanghai and Tianjin, and we also have branches in France, India and Malaysia. In China, KIWAY has been continuously awarded the title of High-tech enterprise, Guangdong strategic emerging industry nurturing enterprise, Zhuhai key enterprise technology center and Zhuhai strategic emerging industry promotion catalogue for many years.


We promise to focus on our customer demand, based on our philosophy ” Professional, Innovation & Creation, Partnership and Reliable”, to develop a long-term partnership. At the same time, fully use of the comprehensive advantages of technology, products, channels and brands to develop domestic and overseas markets, to be the world leading supplier of railway equipment.

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